“Which Education for Your Child?”

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Recently I learned that 3 Christian schools in our town were now full to capacity.  This Which Education for Your Child1increase is an encouraging sign for our area.  I hope it indicates that parents may be waking up to what the real effect of humanistic education is—confusion.  The battle over whether men can be in women’s bathrooms is now rampant.  It is irrefutable evidence that when you leave God out of the education curriculum and methodology the end result is confusion!  The Bible names the world system “Babylon”.  The word Babylon literally means “confusion” (just one more time when the Bible is proven to be exactly right!).  Because we have, more and more, left Biblical education in the last 80 years, we are reaping the confusion we’ve sown in America.

We simply must recognize that there is an all-out war against Christianity in our culture—and that it is been happening much longer than most realize.  In 1934, John Dewey, the father of our current education system in America, wrote of his hatred for Christianity.  He stated,

“It is impossible to ignore the fact that historic Christianity has been committed to a separation of sheep and goats, the saved and the lost…those outside of the fold of the Church…have been regarded as only potential brothers, still requiring adoption into the family.  I cannot understand how any realization of the democratic ideal as a vital moral and spiritual ideal in human affairs is possible, without surrender of the conception of the basic division to which supernatural Christianity is committed.”

(1934, A Common Faith by John Dewey)

Jesus taught that you can’t get good fruit out of a bad root.  (Matthew 7:18)  The education system designed by John Dewey planned from the beginning to destroy the Bible-believing church in America.  They planned to teach each generation a little more hatred for God until they got a generation that would vote into office government servants who would create a socialist government.  Does this sound familiar?  Humanists teach atheism to students by simply removing any reference to God in the curriculum.  This allows the sin root to take over steering children away from God by letting their own pleasures and desires rule them.

The fruit of all this is confusion.  Confusion about who God is.  Confusion about the purpose of life.  Confusion about what happens to us at death.  And in a culture with this type of education system, order breaks down after a few generations like it did with the Israelites in the last chapters of the book of Judges.  The Bible describes those days as when,

“..every man did what was right in his own eyes.”

(Judges 21:25)

Thus, chaos is the result.  We are now experiencing this by such an outlandish idea as letting boys be in girl’s bathrooms.

So who is to blame for all this?  Some blame the socialist political leaders like Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton.  And while they are partners with John Dewey and Which Education for Your Child2others who wanted to create a socialist America, they are more the fruit than the rootThe real root problem lies with born again believers over the last 80 years.  We backed out of the culture and stopped teaching in our churches that God had a form of education and a form of government revealed in the Scripture.  Because we didn’t read the Bible enough to be able to see it, we gave up the Biblical forms of education and government which our American forefathers established here—the forms which made us the greatest nation in world history.  We are the ones who stand most guilty before God.  Education systems always follow the teaching (or lack of teaching, as the case may be) of the Church.

Will you decide to give your children a Biblically based academic education?  Will you do it God’s way—no matter the cost of friends misunderstanding or the cost of downsizing your lifestyle?

Think about it; because if you don’t, someone else will do your thinking for you—and for your children!  And you won’t like what that brings to you.  I’m Don Pinson; this has been Think About It.