This is the moment…

As God raised up Queen Esther for “such a time as this,” you and I, as the people of God are here now for “such a time as this.”  If we will go to the polls and vote Biblical standards today, Barack Obama and his socialist regime will be removed from office.  The last election for President was decided by less than 10 million votes:  But, 75 million people who say they’re born again did not even go to the polls and vote!  Mr. Obama was elected because the church slept!  May we not give away our liberty to his socialist policies.  God help us value the liberty to share the Gospel of Christ with the next generation enough to vote against Barack Obama’s socialist government.

But the “battle is not to the strong” alone, as Patrick Henry said, it is to those who fall on their knees, humbling themselves before God and asking Him to deliver us from what we deserve; in other words, the loss of our liberties.  The battle will be won or lost in prayer.  Please, let me urge you with everything that’s in me:  pray throughout this day!  God gave me a word about two months ago which we can pray and know we’re praying His will.  It’s found in 1 Chronicles 16:35:

“Save us oh God of our salvation.  Gather us together and deliver us from the heathen, that we may give thanks to Thy holy name, and glory in Thy praise.”

Please pray this with me at many different times through the course of the day!

To sum up:

Go vote (“our solemn vow to God” as Webster defined the word “vote” in his original American Dictionary in 1828)!  Don’t let someone else decide your children’s future.  Go vote!!

Pray all day until the polls are all closed, pray that God-fearing people will go to the polls and vote Biblical values.  Then, Pray earnestly that God will watch over the vote counting so the races are decidedly honestly.  Lastly, pray for those who are praying today so that we don’t “grow weary in well doing.”