4th of July Thoughts





It is July the Fourth and my heart is torn between joy and sorrow.  I’ve never felt so patriotic, so proud, so grateful to God to be called an American.  Nor so frightened- I am “trembling for my country” even as I dance for the joy of our liberties.  I am weeping simply because my heart is overwhelmed.  I want to eat cake and celebrate for the joy and giddy excitement in my heart but I can’t seem to get it past the lump in my throat.  I feel like cheering and mourning, playing and fighting, laughing and weeping, all at once…

One thing I have determined: I am a Christian.  I am an American.  For me that is not an oxy-moron but a united truth.  I am BOTH.  I am an American BECAUSE I am a Christian, and to deny America is shirking a huge duty to my Jesus.  It is not “either, or” for me but “both”.  I am a patriot, I love this land, and BY GOD’S GRACE I am praying to not let the enemy have her without a fight!  If America fall I pray it would only be OVER MY DEAD BODY and that God would still resurrect her for HIS glory.  But, more than anything, I just pray for revival, for mercy, that this great country might become what she was intended to be all along: a beacon for the Gospel to spread, and a picture of the Kingdom of God to the world!

That is my living sentiment, and, by God’s grace, it will be my dying sentiment!  Independence now and independence forever!  Give me liberty, or give me death!

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Christis Joy