Pilgrim Seminar

We prefer to teach this seminar before a group is in any of the other historical seminars (i.e., American Heritage Basic or American Heritage Advanced)

Session One (1 hour):

This Seminar lasts three hours; so normally during Sunday School hour (or the 1st Session, however the church structures the times of the seminar) Don shares the Pilgrim story – their commitment to the Lord, and their sacrifice in getting here, as well as their reason for coming.

Session Two (45 minutes):

In the 11 a.m. Worship Meeting (or 2nd Session- 45 minutes) Don shares a message entitled: “Why God Birthed America.” It starts with Creation and why God made man, what went wrong, and what Jesus did to redeem and restore us; and then how all the rest of history (His-Story) is just the battle between the forces of God and the forces of satan over whether or not the Gospel will go to the next generation.

Session Three (1 hour 15 minutes):

On Sunday evening Don shares for an hour and fifteen minutes (3rd Session) a visual presentation of Forefather’s Monument in Plymouth, Massachusetts, which reveals the Biblical thinking on which the Pilgrims built their community’s institutions of education, government, and economy (which would grow into our nation).

The aim of it all is to reveal the Biblical thinking which birthed this nation and thus raise a standard to which we must return if the liberty to get the Gospel to the next generation is to be preserved.

The Lord has really been using this Seminar wherever we’ve shared it.
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