The Daniel Boone Tour, Part 1 – Cumberland Gap

Daniel Boone at Cumberland GapYou are invited to join us on a one-day tour of Cumberland Gap, Kentucky to trace the steps of Daniel Boone and the first pioneer settlers to Kentucky!

Come walk where they walked as they entered this new land…

Hear the thrilling stories of how Boone grew up in a strong Christian home, where he learned as a boy how to live alone in the woods, to deal with Indians, to respect God’s creation, and to live by God’s natural laws.  You will learn of Boone’s very important role in shaping the western frontier during and after the American Revolution, his role as a judge in Missouri later in life, where he administered his office by Biblical principles, as well as his intense reading of the Bible in his later years and peaceful death.

Most importantly you will discover the implications of Daniel Boone’s life for our own: as Kentuckians and as Americans.

*Photo is of Mr. Scott New (Kentucky Humanities Council) who brilliantly potrays Daniel Boone at Fort Boonesborough State Park