American Heritage Basic Seminar

Does God have a unique purpose for America?  Does He have a unique purpose for you, as an American?  The Heritage Seminar answers such questions.

You will also find the answers to questions like:  Were America’s Founders Christians?  Did they establish a Christian form of education, economy, and government?  If so, what went wrong?  When did it go wrong?  Whose fault is it?  What can we do to fix it?  Other ‘offshoot’ issues will be identified at their root:  things like the drug culture, the emphasis on sex, why is our educational system failing, along with other cultural issues.

This American Heritage Basic Seminar is designed to give an overview of God’s work in history (His-Story) from the Garden of Eden to the present.  The aim is to give the student the Biblical understanding of why God made man, what went wrong in the Garden of Eden, and what God did to fix what we messed up.  It includes the giving of the Law through Moses; Jesus’ coming to earth to live His sinless life and to give that life as a sacrifice for our sin so God could legally accept us once again; His resurrection would make it possible that He could now indwell us and use us as vessels through which He can live His life in this world.  Once His redemptive work was done, all the rest of history would be the battle over whether or not the message of what He had done would go to the next generation.  The seminar reveals our part in carrying that message.

Several milestones in history are touched on in the rest of the sessions as we trace down through history the events and individuals God used to plant the truth on American shores.  Particularly noted are the Pilgrims and the Patriot Founding Fathers.  The Pilgrim’s Biblical community established at Plymouth furnishes a model for reforming our local communities.  Likewise America’s Founding documents, The Declaration of Independence and our original Constitution reveal the reason this Republic was birthed, and the method by which it was to be maintained.


The history of our original Biblical education system is also revealed.  Likewise our Biblical economic system is also studied.

The last session is given to identifying the enemies of these Biblical institutions and what must be done to restore our original system.  It often has been a time of deep stirring in the hearts of God’s people as they see the standard of God for our culture and what must be done to return to that standard.

This seminar generally takes the form of five sessions.  Each session is about two hours long.  We have done the sessions in many different formats; Sunday through Wednesday; Thursday through Sunday; all day on a Saturday, etc.  We’re very flexible as to how we get the 10 teaching hours done.

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