“The Slaughter MUST Stop!”

The Slaughter MUST Stop 1

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This month marks 45 years in which the murder of unborn children by abortion has been legal in America.  Not that our Congress, the voice of the people, ever legalized it!  It was the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973 that illegally declared abortion legal.  Because we, in the church, sat by and griped — instead of getting involved in the voting process and attending law-making sessions, so as to identify the law makers who supported such a hideous crime—and replace them with our votes — now some 60 million of our own children have been murdered.  And that in the place that should be the safest on earth; their mother’s womb.  The God Who made us and to Whom we will give a full account of our earthly deeds, is not blind to these hideous rippings apart of babies’ bodies in their mother’s womb!

God warned His people in the days of Jeremiah that Continue reading

“The Church is Responsible for Teaching Civil Government”

The Church is Responsible for Teaching Civil Government 1

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Concerning Civil Government, God says in Romans 13:1,

“…there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.”

Thus, we see that God is the One Who created the realm of authority known as civil government, just as He created the realms of authority known as the home and the church.  And from the Garden of Eden to the time of Noah, God exercised the authority of civil government by punishing crime Himself.  He set up the angel with the flaming sword to guard the Tree of Life, and keep man from eating of it after man had sinned.  It was God, Himself, who pronounced the sentence on Cain for murdering his brother, Abel.  It was God who sent the great Flood and punished the people of Noah’s day for their crimes of immorality and violence.  So early in human history God took responsibility for enforcing His statutes of civil law onto man.

But after the Flood, God transferred to man the responsibility for operating civil government.  He said to Noah Continue reading

“Rediscovering What Made America Great”

Rediscovering What Made America Great 1

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The Bible states:  “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34)  Thus, revealing to us the pathway to becoming a great nation.  “Great” being defined as:  “Providing the greatest amount of liberty for the greatest number of people” in a nation.

This is what happened in America during the first three centuries of our existence.  This was proven by the fact that so many people wanted to come here.  Life was simply better here than in most other countries of the world.  So, the people came.  They still want to, even though we’ve lost much of the “righteousness” we once walked in.  However, present backsliding does not take away from the truth of the righteousness that was walked in for the first two-thirds of our history.  Indeed, if we’re going to Continue reading